Acceptable Use of Technology and the Internet Agreement
for Arlington Public School Staff

The Technology Mission of the Arlington Public School system is to ensure access to appropriate technology in our educational community to support and enhance student learning, staff instruction, school communication, and data management.

The APS fulfills this mission by offering an institutional network for staff and students that promotes educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing, innovation, and communication. In order to make these resources available to everyone, we expect that students and staff using district equipment will do so in a responsible way consistent with our educational goals.

We expect Arlington staff to abide by the following rules per the APS district Acceptable Use Policy at

Please remember to assume no personal privacy when using the district's email system or computer equipment. The district maintains the ability to monitor computer, web, and email usage and may do so either during routine maintenance or when requested to by an investigating authority. All email is considered public record.

Staff Acceptable Use Policy Agreement

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I have read and understand the APS acceptable use of technology and the Internet and agree to abide by the above guidelines when I use the Arlington Public Schools Network. I further understand that any violation of the policy may be considered unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should I commit any violations, my access privileges may be revoked without notice or hearing, and school disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action may be taken.

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